Observations From a Tourist

This is my last news from Nepal I am returning this evening to Portland.

But I will be back a bit later.


I have walked across this square so many times from every direction. Sometimes just to sit and look at the marvel of the buildings and the unique art work they reflect. At other times on my way through to another street or to meet friends for a meal..


But this time was different.. As I approached the square there were people ahead walking toward the square..when I got the first glimpse I saw the old palace..but it was cracked and falling. As I got closer the rubble pile was higher and higher. and then I turned and I wasn’t sure where I was. Nothing was familiar and the amount of destructions took away all the old temples i knew.


Again I could see that the clean up and recycling of materials was already in progress. This will all go toward restoration of this great square.


It will be done and this square will once again be strong and magnificent.



This house collapsed and by miracle no one was hurt…


The Palace at Durbar Square…broken…


Will those supports hold that building until it can be dismantled and put back together? And made stronger..


People visiting their shrines to pray


Rubble buries smaller shrines


Rubble up to the second floor


The clean up already ahead and saved materials to rebuild..

The Palace will have to come down and be rebuilt


Tons and tons of bricks


A corner of the Palace and collapsed buildings


The side of the Palace reveals the damage


People have come to see and witness the loss..

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