Photo Updates From Nepal – A Torn Nation


unnamed-2This is a typical scene in our neighborhood. 15 houses alone just behind my house look like this. Ours is damaged, but repairable.



Almost all brick buildings are down. The remaining newer pillared buildings like the ones in the background (like ours) survived, but most all are severely damaged. 8 million of the 28 million population are affected in Nepal.

In relative terms to the USA, that would be about 100 million people with almost 30 million homes destroyed. And they are as incompetent, even more so, as the US government was during Katrina!



This is a typical scene everywhere as all people refuse to live in their homes (if they have one) at this time.

The aftershocks are very frightening and when one occurs, you hear people screaming. A friend went to the Red Cross where they had hundreds of unissued tents and refused to give him one. Most people use plastic sheeting like you see here.



This is the tent that neighbor lives, opposite of their modern house which survived but is severely

damaged. They are frightened to move back in as are all other people. Except me. I still live in my house.



Most all Nepalese have portable stoves and gas tanks, like this family. Thank goodness.

So it has been  easy to create a makeshift kitchen outdoors. Think of you having to do this.



Here a family is feeding one of our volunteers.



At the orphanage the first thing to fall was an outdoor fireplace roof.  It has since been cleared.


A place where one of our staff sleeps at night outside his room in fear that the ceiling would not fall in an aftershock.


A local cat takes refugue.



This is in a local shopping area. The buildings foundation was weak but amazingly the floors, doors, and windows are still intact.



A few vendors sell fruit.



During the second earthquake 7.3 Bishow, the president of the orphanage on a humanitarian visit here, was injured.

This happened the very day after he provided food for all of our destitute neighbors.

He broke his leg and arm during a fall. Both hand and leg required surgery. He had to wait 2 days sleeping in the hospital parking lot before surgery could be scheduled as more injured patients had to be taken first. His surgery was successful and we hope he  can return home tomorrow but he’ll probably have to be in a wheel chair until his hand heals.


The 34 orphaned children continue to sleep outside in once was to be a cow barn:

unnamed-14 unnamed-15 unnamed-16

Neco Homes 4 wheel drive jeep (Gypsy) is needed more now than ever. But before the earthquake, the Gypsy was being mechanically  serviced and readied for painting. All the workers have either fled back to their villages or India, so right now it is impossible to reassemble the vehicle.


During happier times.



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