Namaste From Kathmandu

As this rainbow is connecting the two mountains, the bond between our supporters and children may always remain bright and colorful.


First examination of the new term was held between 3rd July and 10th July. All children appeared in exam except Sharmila who was on rest after her torn leg muscle.

The result of the exam, came out wonderful. Most of them secured a wonderful rank


As Exam Fever lasted Children enjoyed summer vacation for a week. Children participated in and enjoyed various activities during that period.

Talent show and little NECO star Program

This program was planned, choreographed and hosted by senior children and the participants were the junior ones. Caregivers were invited as Mentors and it went really nice. We are glad that we have dancers, singers, skilled taekwondo players, and wonderful performers with us. We wish these little stars may get a chance to perform on a big stage some day.

Pic: Junior Kids in the Participation

Cleaning Program

During the vacation children and the staff conducted cleaning program in our local area. Children enjoyed cleaning and local people appreciated and joined our work.

Helping Hands

Lions Club of Kathmandu, Gongabu helped us by donating school bags for children. We are thankful to the Lions Club team and look forward to long term association with the Lions Club.


1. Janai Purnima

One Major festival Janai Purnima was celebrated on 28th July. This festival is about the holy thread which is about bound of purity and security. Janai Purnima is also known as Rakshya Bandhan.

On the same day Sister ties Rakhi (a colorful wrist band) that symbolized the sisters’ love and goodwill for their brothers and same way the brothers promised their sisters to protect them for lifelong. Our Junior girls made Rakhi by themselves and tied it to their brothers.

2. Shrawan 15

According to Nepali calendar, this month is called a month of green, which carries happiness and positivity in our lives. On 30th of July, we enjoyed having rice pudding and other delicious food.


Melina Gurung

Melina is from upper village of Gorkha, Kerauja. She was brought to NECO at the age of four. She is healthy and most energetic child among all junior girls. She loves dancing and playing with friends. Melina never seems sad or angry. She keeps smiling and makes others happy by cracking jokes and mimicry as well. Melina is studying in grade 4.


Picture: Five year ago.



 Senior boys ready for school

Aayush loves repairing broken radios, computer hardware

Deepika and Sagar in happy mood.  

Pretty little girls Kriti and Sneha

Rashmi loves playing with dolls and teddies. She always keeps them clean and well dressed as well.

Your contribution is brush and emery. With the help of that, I polish my future and make it shiny.


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