“Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts.”

― Mother Teresa

October was the month full of joyful moments with mutual love and celebration. The major festivals of Hindus; Dashain, Deepawali and Chhath were celebrated and a long school vacation is over.

Cold days wish rush to School and back to home is the norm these days. Children get up at 6 am , freshen up and after warm up activities and food, they leave for school


All children have passed their tests and secured good grade in school examination which was held on last September. Before a few days, the Mark Sheets were distributed  to all children, shared their happiness and congratulated  each other . Small gifts were also distributed among the children who scored excellent grade and showed good improvements on First Mid-Term Examination of their school.


We have a small beehive inside NECO compound. It is wonderful to see the whole process of honey making and harvesting. On 28th October, we got some pure honey and exciting time on honey harvesting day.

Girls posing with empty piece of beehive after tasting honey.

Resham and Aayush brushing their teeth and joking around.

Sita getting ready for school.

Caregiver Kalpana making Rashmi's hair bun.

Boys are gathered for breakfast.

Children doing warm ups at the nearby park

Children carrying Tiffin-boxes to their school. We send home made foods which is more hygienic than the foods that school canteen provides.


Boys reading news about their favorite soccer team on Sport page of daily Newspaper. They have pretty much knowledge regarding soccer activities and players around the world.



The place where NECO Home resides is one of the most cold places of Kathmandu. Like previous winters, we are much concerned to keep children warm and cozy. warm clothes, thermos, gas geyser and room heaters are top listed things which we need ASAP.


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$150 to provide full sponsorship for one child per month
$40 to provide for one month English-medium education
$50 to provide food for one month
$10 to buy one pair of shoes or school uniform
$5 for school supplies

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Copyright © 2017, Nepal Children Orphan Home
Selected text and photos by Alina Nepal.
Edited by Samjhana Gurung.


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