Recent News and Updates

  • May Newsletter 2018

    MAY NEWSLETTER 2018 Dear friends and supporters of NECO Foundation! Another month has passed by and as always we now would like to brief you on our monthly activities through this newsletter. EDUCATION ACADEMY Bibek and Ratan We are very happy to inform you that two of our children, named Ratan and Bibek (Kalpan caregiver's  […]Read More
  • Updates from April, 2018

    April 2018 Newsletter Hello Everyone! It's already being the first week of May, unbelievable that the months are flying and it's time to update our monthly activities. This month, the children have been busy with their studies and with a physical theatre instructor Ms. Gillian Roncarelli.  I am proud to have the kids school marks […]Read More
  • Updates from March, 2018

    March 2018, Newsletter Painting Project Happy to see the wall painting in the passages from dining hall through the way of Frank and Valarie Hostel , painted by their own creations. It was  guided  by our volunteer Crystal Le . She  sponsored all the necessary materials and paints. Thank you Crystal for your great ideas […]Read More
  • NECO Home Independent Report

    Neco Home Independent Report Volunteer Logistics Personal experience: I spoke to Bishow in person to learn more about the NECO home. The website gave a sufficient amount of information on the basics but did not divulge too much information on all of the children or the volunteer program. Due to Bishow and my travel schedules, […]Read More
  • The Gift Of Potential

    The Gift of Potential Small faces and hands crowd next to my own; gently clamoring for a view of the pictures on my phone. They want to know what my husband and my home looks like; is it cold in California? Which country do I like the best? How many brothers and sisters do I […]Read More